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Problems getting Swift for Windows running

Jul 30, 2016 at 1:45 AM
From the top:

I downloaded SwiftForWindows and was browsing the files when I saw a README. I read it and the instructions immediately set me off in the wrong direction. Well, after fixing that I went back to the folders, looking for instructions. I found two files which appeared to be installers. I chose the .msi and it was apparently correct.

Take out contradictory instructions or installers, so there is only one way to install it!

Compiling, Linking and Running:
So, having it installed I assumed I could set the path and try the thing on Hello.swift. I tried the interpreter swift.exe and it worked. Hallelueah. Then the other one swiftc.exe Hello.swift may have worked, but I couldn't find a Hello.o file. When I used the compile & run program it seemed to have the same problem.

So, where is the .o file?
Is <file>.o the way it will appear?
And, how do I link it?

There is insufficient instruction about compile, link, and run.

About Visual Studio:
If it is true it was meant to run inside Visual Studio, then say that up front. I installed Visual Studio Community, quite by coincidence, and haven't yet had time to find a way in that to compile, link & run a Swift program.

Say up front if Visual Studio is needed.
What are the instructions for using that with swiftc.exe or swift.exe?
Is there a way to highlight swift code in Visual Studio? Where are the instructions?